Fit Your Computer Workstation


ergonomics computerEffective Ergonomic Assessment Tool for the Office

  • Custom fit and correct office workstation layout problems
  • Quick, individualized report
  • Prioritized and detailed solutions
  • Proven to help reduce employee discomfort
  • Easy format for employee involvement

Enhance your ergonomic program strategy

  • Ergonomic analysis for musculoskeletal complaints
    Use ErgoEquations as part of a cost-effective “immediate response" for employees complaining of discomfort.
  • Employee training
    Use ErgoEquations as a hands-on follow-up activity after ergonomic orientation training. Go over the worksheet during the training session, then let participants perform a "custom fitting" of their workstation for a personalized introduction to ergonomic work layout.
  • Ergonomic program documentation and planning
    Use ErgoEquations to determine the scope and prioritize employees' needs for retrofitting workstations or purchasing accessories.