Quick Assessments

Each assessment tool provides feedback on job design and workspace layout including:

  • Potential risk factors
  • General interpretation
  • Recommended next step actions

General Assessment

A broad-based analysis tool for assessing possible ergonomic hazards in a specific physical task or job.

Including factors such as:

  • Work cycles
  • Hand tool usage
  • Upper and lower extremity movement and stress
  • Rest periods
  • Range of motion
General Assessment excerpt

Hand Tool Assessment

A focused analysis tool for assessing possible ergonomic hazards in tasks using a specific hand tool.

Tool design and task analysis factors include:

  • Required force
  • Tool balance
  • Tool size and weight
  • Grip texture
  • Handle size
  • Training
Hand Tool Assessment excerpt

Manual Material Handling Assessment

A focused analysis of the ergonomics hazards in jobs requiring manual movement of materials.

Analysis factors include:

  • Material weight
  • Movement height and length
  • Workplace configuration
  • Force requirements
  • Object configuration
Manual Materials Handling Assessment excerpt