Take control of your ergonomics issues

We offer certified professional ergonomics consulting to your company. Heather Main, CPE, an ergonomist with years of industrial and office ergonomics consulting, will identify ergonomics issues and implement meaningful improvements that increase productivity, enhance product quality, and reduce injuries and illnesses.

ErgoTrack has developed online tools for companies to use as a first step in evaluating their jobs for ergonomics issues. Find out more about our Mobile Solutions

Office Ergonomics Evaluation

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ErgoTrack Ergonomic Analysis Tools

Quickly assess and resolve ergonomic issues

  • Our tools provide consistency for multi-location companies
  • Reports detail easy-to-apply, job-specific solutions

Increase ergonomic program effectiveness

  • Access a consistent and quick method for responding to employee complaints
  • Gain a support system for your health and safety resources
  • Have an ongoing ergonomic training and workstation maintenance program
  • Solve common program implementation stumbling blocks
  • Experience improved comfort, morale and job performance
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