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Fit Your Computer Workstation Discomfort Survey

Minimize injuries and make the most of your budget.

Keyboarding office solutions maximize your company’s time and money. Detailed reports help to target ergonomic modifications and purchases according to need, resulting in significant savings. For example, one facility targeted 100 employees for ergonomic assessment and equipment updates. Using a purchase estimate of $1,237 to update each workspace and accessories, the facility would have spent $123,700 had they simply chosen a blanket approach to update all 100 employees’ computer workstations. Instead, they used the ErgoTrack Fit Your Computer Online Tool, which identified ergonomic issues in only 36 employees’ workstations.

The assessment reports suggested specific ergonomic modifications for each of the 36 employees. A variety of items were purchased for a total of $24,134, a mere 19% of the initial purchase estimate.

The company performed "before-after" discomfort surveys using the Discomfort Survey tool. The employees were also pleased, reporting a statistically significant reduction in neck, shoulder, hand, wrist and back discomfort.


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