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Office Ergonomics Evaluation

We offer the "Office Ergonomics Evaluation" app to identify ergonomics issues at the individual's office or computer workstation for $1.99. Get the your computer workstation setup correctly to prevent discomfort and improve ergonomics awareness.

Screenshot of Office Ergonomics Evaluation app Screenshot of Office Ergonomics Evaluation app

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Safety Checks

Help your employees create a safety culture with our app "Safety Checks" for $1.99. This app increases safety awareness and can achieve safety initiatives. It can help improve safety behavior immediately to reduce injuries in the workplace.

A new way to connect with each employee on a daily basis and promote safety compliance. Behavior based safety to provide positive reinforcement. Safety Checks helps to reinforce awareness the safety awareness required to perform the job. What is the value? Reinforces safety improvement strategies, and creates safety efficiencies in a sustainable way.

How can that happen, you ask? Safety Checks reminds an employee daily, weekly or monthly to wear protective safety gear plus to think about safety.

The Safety Checks product is a daily checklist reminder to the employee to employ protective gear and gives a daily safety tip to remind the employee about safety. It takes 30 seconds or less to do. If it is not done while at work, an alarm will sound until engaged.

As an employee, you will get reinforcement about the importance of safety and the equipment provided to protect you. It is a winning strategy for all involved and less than a penny a day.

Drive safety awareness up and injuries and near misses down with Safety Checks

Screenshot of Safety Checks app Screenshot of Safety Checks app