Getting Results with ErgoTrack

I'm only one person... how do I implement an office ergonomics program in all our locations?

Jump-start your office ergonomics program and maximize your company's time and money.

Whether you are solving computer workstation problems or purchasing new office equipment for a department,'s Office Solutions will easily save you time and money. Address a workstation problem quickly online, with results in minutes. Administer the office ergonomics program from your desk, and communicate with employees at all locations using as your central assessment site. Target ergonomic modifications and purchases according to need, resulting in significant savings.

Our Ergo Team is stalled out…how do we make the most effective use of our time?

ErgoTrack helps your team define the problem & identify controls.

Team members have different perspectives and may be limited in time and analysis experience. Let ErgoTrack reports serve as "talking points" for each job on the agenda, and use meeting time to capitalize on team members’ knowledge in the discussions. For example, use the discomfort survey to target areas of concern. Then, use one or more analysis tools to create a working list of ergonomic hazards. Use the reports to organize team discussions and keep them focused on specific hazards, corrective actions and the "next step."

How do we respond to employee complaints in a responsible way without opening " Pandora’s Box?"

ErgoTrack provides a method for a systematic and consistent response.
  1. Document the complaint by defining employee comments, symptoms and affected body parts with the On-line Discomfort Survey.
  2. Determine whether the complaint is work-related by assessing exposure to one or more relevant risk factors with the Quick Assessments.
  3. Perform additional analysis with the Workstation Fitting or Calculation Tools.
  4. Create an action plan for hazard correction. Promptly address the source of discomfort and reduce the likelihood of restricted or lost work time. Create an implementation plan if additional corrective action is required.
  5. Communicate your findings and action plan with the employee, reducing anxiety and ensuring a positive atmosphere for compliance and participation.