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ErgoTrack believes that a successful ergonomics program combines company-driven activities with outside support on an "as needed basis". Heather personally provides or manages all consultation services.

Heather E. Main
Heather E. Main, RN, MS, CPE
  • Professional Ergonomist certified by the BCPE (Board of Certified Professional Ergonomists)
  • Dual degrees in Nursing and Industrial Design
  • Expertise in job analysis, development of controls, onsite presence and rapport with employees, engineers and managers
  • 15 years’ experience includes ergonomics consulting in office and manufacturing facilities (pharmaceuticals, electric power suppliers, electronics, furniture, apparel).


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ErgoTrack Consulting Services

Every company's issues, philosophies, and work practices are unique. We can assist with a specific problem or project, or we can work with you over a longer period with ergonomic program implementation.

Our Areas of Expertise include:

  •  Ergonomic job analysis
  •  Ergonomic training and orientation
  •  Post-injury problem solving
  •  Ergonomic design review of jobs, lines, processes: pre-installation or retrofits
  •  Ergonomic program implementation
  •  OSHA compliance assistance
  •  Expert witness services