Fit Your Industrial Workstation


Fit Your Industrial Workstation excerpt

Provides information on 21 different workstation dimensions to set up a comfortable and productive work area.

  • Eliminates awkward postures by considering specific tasks, individual needs and size
  • Prevents arm, low back and shoulder soreness, repetitive motion injuries, fatigue, headaches, and eye strain
  • Evaluates the position of shelves, visual displays, work items, conveyors, carts, supply totes, chair, etc. to set up a comfortable work area
  • Runs a comparison of your existing workstation layout with the layout suggested for you
  • Creates a quick, individualized report interpreting comparison results, then prioritizes and details possible solutions.

Enhance your ergonomic program strategy

  • Ergonomic analysis for musculoskeletal complaints
    Use ErgoEquations as part of a cost-effective “immediate response" for employees complaining of discomfort.
  • Employee training
    Use ErgoEquations as a hands-on follow-up activity after ergonomic orientation training. Go over the worksheet during thse training session, then let participants perform a "custom fitting" of their workstation for a personalized introduction to ergonomic work layout.
  • Ergonomic program documentation and planning
    Use ErgoEquations to determine the scope and prioritize employees' needs for retrofitting workstations or purchasing accessories.